Old Havana the Arches

Doing a paint along with Vlad Yesileyev. Went to Havana for the day. This was it wet.

And this is what it dried too. How many layers do I have to put on this nasty Fabriano rough to get it dark enough? Already did another layer. Can not wait til my Kilimanjaro gets here. I also bought some Holbein sizing for watercolor paper in hopes of fixing this nasty Fabriano. I only have at least 15 pieces of it. Groan.

This is the picture. See how dark it should be?!

Or at least like the value sketch. Sigh.

The sketch

First layer yellow ochre alizarin and cobalt

The sky added. Cerulean neutral tint and all the colors listed above.

Adding darks.

Trying to go darker. But it’s always drying lighter. Grrr.

The way it looks now but will add more darks. Maybe it will behave and darken up. Who knows. Let you know tomorrow.

Margaret disgusted with this expensive paper. It’s $20 ish a sheet. 🥱🤪😩😩😩😩xoxoxo