Broken Axle

Does it matter?? Think someone broke the rear axle of this truck. Not me though right? The 1939 Ford Harvester truck photo. You can find copyright free photos on google. If you do a Google Image Search, under “Tools” there is a “Usage Rights” dropdown where you can choose “Creative Commons licences” to find royalty free images

First you draw it w a light grey tombow. Quarter sheet on hot press 140 # fluid paper. You can get it on Amazon. It loves ink.

Then you paint it-cad red, ultramarine, pthalo blue, burnt sienna, and yellow ochre. Next you shade it with more tombows and a permanent fine liner or two. A .3

Took an hour online class with Ian Fennelly today. Lots and f fun. He is a really great teacher. He’s teaching a longer one on a couple of weeks Feb. 18. The next workshop will be In a weeks time:

The last step is to detail the painting some more with the fine liners. Been thinking about the back tire. Think that can be fixed easily by changing the angle of the tire.

Margaret who got her second COVID shot. Hurrah. Sign up for yours here. Making me sleepy so back to my nap. Definitely better than having covid. Xoxoxo