An International Harvester tractor.

I took the pic I drew three years ago. Probably for an older friend whos nuts for a tractor.

I really LOVR this ponying. I did it all by myself. Hurrah.

The photo if you’d like to try.

the grey scale drawing. I realized in the art world this is called a grissaile layer. That’s French for grey layers. Commonly found in portrait painting.

Fluid hot press paper quarter sheet. Cad red quin gold ultramarine blue.

Dead tired from pointing for seven hours today. Note note xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “An International Harvester tractor.

  1. Teresa Vera Gadziemski says:

    You are such a genius dear Margaret ! You capture the spirit of every item you immortalize in your artwork !
    We do have an old tractor just like that one that still works in my ranch , we keep it as a witness of our history ! So many lovely memories came to my mind !
    Thank you so much !

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    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Ah thanks Teresa. Miss you!! Hope we can all get together before much longer. Oh my gosh you have an old tractor. Where?! In Uruguay?? Would love to see it one day. Hugs.


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