Day 157 The Finger Lakeside

So far. Still needs some more touches here and there and something in the water. But not to bad. It was a wild paint along today with Vlad.

Vlads photo

Vlads value sketch

The sketch with masking fluid applied.

First washes. Water looks really dark until more layers are added.

So many washes so little time.

And once again now. Needs some more darks I think.

Storm rolling in today. Oddly we didn’t get a drop of rain. Certainly looked like it. The sky was really dark inside the house too but nope not today. Just a big tease.

Watching Perry Mason with Matthew Ryhs on HBO. My friends say it is really good.

So far I give it really interesting – reserving judgement. Interestingly enough Perry Mason’s a private detective, John Lithgow is the attorney; and so far, Paul Drake is a cop.

Hmm people are not playing the parts they should be. Margaret Xoxoxox

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