Day 148 Buzzards Roost

Tried to post this yesterday but our power went out til 5 am today. Sigh. I have posted from the middle of the interstate but not my den when the powers out. Thanks SCEG.

Finished this sketch of the view from our fav Key largo restaurant as an experiment with my Namiki Fude. The only fronds on the palms were the spines of the leaves. I like the way they turned out.

Think my Fude did a great job adding texture to the photo and leaves. And shadows!!!

Meant to paint kayakers on the river today but the closest I got to that was downloading my photos off my Nikon.

Guys be careful when you are in someone’s back yard. Oopsey.

My big achievement of the day was taking lots of bird pics. These are a couple of my favs.

Mirror images.

Margaret whose going to manage to not do a lot today. Xoxoxox

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