Day 2094 The Binge continues

Though nothing as memorable as Dead to me which I watched til 1:30 last nite. Something I never do.

I did draw my peonies from Trader Joe’s. Love Peonies. Lamy Ef with Noodlers Brown Ink. That pen skims over the page. Lovely writing instrument.

I popped my reference photo that I took of the peonies-they are dropping petals like fall leaves into Waterlogue. Hmm if I popped this into photoshop and cleaned it up a bit I wouldn’t need to paint the sketch. 😂

Ps I can recommend Monty Don’s French Gardens on Netflix. Gorgeous photography of French gardens. There’s also an Italian one I have not yet watched.

Murder Mystery with Jennifer Anniston was fun. Nothing too high brow.

Margaret Xoxoxox

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