Day 2093 A good binge

And you forget what you are suppose to be doing like posting your blog. Oops. Interesting show on Netflix Dead to Me.

Funny has lots of fun with the stroller mostly ignored the mom who sat nearby waiting along with the rest of us.

Vlads neutral tint all over the stroller in varying strengths. Got his favorite sword brush in the mail today after waiting for about six weeks. It’s a Rosemary 1/2″ sword brush. I can tell it’s going to be amazing. I should have bought it a few years ago when Liz what’s her name who recommends it mentioned. Instead I bought at least three other sword brushes because I didn’t want to pay freight from the UK. DUH. And that actually cost me more in the end. What is that saying penny saved pound foolish?! She’s an architect too. What is it about architects and sword brushes. Guess I will find out as soon as I finish my binge watch. Five episodes down and five to go.

Margaret Xoxoxox

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