Day 2012 – The Aiken Art Guild Talk.


I am going to think of them as my first graders. I hope. Lol. Been a while since I have done a guild talk and that was for quilt guilds.

Spent the afternoon loading sketches from my SOME sketchbooks into A SLIDE SHOW.

And I did a Tip handout which I am sharing with you today dear readers.

Margaret McCarthy Hunt, SCWS

Website: Facebook: Twitter



Favorite Materials

Sketchbooks & Paper – Stillman and Birn Alpha and Zeta Sketchbooks

Super Aquabee spiral Sketchbooks

Fluid watercolor paper HP and CPStrathmore 500 series Mixed Media and

Watercolor (500 SERIES ONLY!!!)

Carson Artboard and occasionally a tea bag dried and emptied of tea!

Paper – Any 300# watercolor paper both HP and CP

Paint – Holbein and M. Graham and those colors only Daniel Smith has like quin gold Moonglow, Green Apatite

Brushes – Sable Charles Reid from City Art in Columbia Da Vinci and Isabel, Mop Pens – Any Lamy but a Lamy F and EF for their finer points loaded with Noodlers PERMANENT ink

Pentel Brush Pen with PERMANENT INK

Namike Fude with PERMANENT INK

Ink – DOUBLE CHECK YOU ARE BUYING A PERMANENT INK!!! India Ink will DESTROY your pen Noodler Ink Eelskin Black, Lexington Grey, Brown, Platinum Black, D’artrementis Document inks -Brown and any other color that is D’artrementis DOCUMENT ink

Watercolor pencils – Derwent and Faber Castell Inktense pencils and blocks Caron D’ache Neocolor ii watercolor crayons

Tomboy Markers…be careful they can be fugitive aka wont last forever

Art Suppliers – Cheap Joes, Binders, Blick, Sam Flaxs Atlanta

Ideas on what to draw

Danny Gregory books especially Creative License! His blog is good too!

Check out the Artists Journal and Sketchbookskool Groups on Facebook

Game Campianaro and Urban Sketchers

Dr Sketchys the Last Wednesday of every month at Le Chat Noir in Augusta 7-9:30 Draw 100 Faces starts in two weeks on Instagram

Draw anything…the objects n the table, your breakfast, your coffee cup, the inside of the refrigerator or medicine cabinet

Your friends, your car, your feet your hands your kids your dogs the view out the back door, the front window!!


I only have 749 slides in the sketch folder on my iPad. Will see how many I can upload. Here’s about forty of them from Key West to Gatlinburg to Paris.

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