Day 2010 Its Saturday

Not done but greatly improved Half sheet fluid hot press 140#. Requires more work especially her hair. Not dark enough.

Charles Reid palette

The too big head hideous hand

Trying to draw Andrea is always difficult because she wiggles and twitches only still for short periods. When she wiggles she never quite resets so you area always chasing the hand or the arm or the leg.

Smaller head but that hand🤮

Today to compound problems she kept falling asleep so even the angles of the head would change. Her while body would go slack changing position.

Maybe I can paint her now

A new twist. Eeek. Remind me NO Saturday drawing when Andrea is the model.

Or use cheap paper. The kind you don’t mind throwing on the rubbage heap.

Only 25 min to paint a half sheet sketch 😳😵😵😵

A lot I like about it now But she still Needs more Work.

Go round two. Half sheet. Cropping the body. Still not down either. Groan. Compost pile

Is growing.

That hand is a killer.

At least the paper dried flat as a flitter. Thankful for small

Miracles. The rest of the pack.

Coach. He actually did three.

Al Beyer oil

Katie Padgett. Terrible photo. Katie is going to be modeling at the art students league in MYC in May. How exciting is that?!

Dr Fred is back making cappuccinos. Fun painting.

Amy Lockhard Ness oil

Margaret in Columbia spending the night. Xoxoxoxo

Andrea aka the twitcher 😵😵#fluid #hotpress #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #southcarolina #aiken #artist #drawing #sketching #charlesreid #lifemodel

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