Day 2008 Foreshortened

Shoot me.

Our model Jessica was sitting on top of a stool on top of a table.

Half sheet hot press fluid 140#

What a challenge. You have to leave it to Professor Joe to cook up some oh so challenging hard to draw poses.

Too big head!

Made for weird proportions. I spent more time drawing and revising -1 hr 20 min – than I did painting. Her legs were still too heavy at second break. The head was better but still a little big. Draw draw draw. Eeekkk! Jessica is really not a very big girl. Maybe 5’1 110 lb at the most.

Did I say I hated reed raring the head. Once you get a likeness you hate to oops erase it.

The way I left Jessie yesterday. The peanut gallery said she needed a stool so she got one today. I darkened a few of the lighter areas and especially her left arm which was back in shadow. With no photo reference it wasn’t easy.

the Head was so small I really didn’t want to do many details. Colors used burnt sienna burnt umber ultramarine cerulean cobalt. And that’s it.

My friend Drew Murphys 2×3′ acrylic

A few other watercolors of Jessie. One Saturday life modeling. The rest are a session at Dr Sketchys .

Margaret out running errands.

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