Day 1670 Squirrel attack

Have mixed emotions about my back porch squirrels. They gobble up the bird seed. I would rather the birds did. So what are they the one one right or the DEMON SqUiRReL!!!

Demon squirrel lives in your attic and eats the woodwork the pots the plants the rubber tubing to the gas grill over and over again.

Everyday squirrel performs acrobatics for our entertainment. So silly. Little sleek things always lounging or running around the porch.

Lamy Ef stillman and birn noodlers Eelskin ink Caran dache neocolor ii prismacolor artstixs and Fabre castle watercolor pencils. Aka MIXeD MeDiA!!!

Empanada time. Shower first. Deliciousness. I think the chicken ones win by a nose.

Lunch. Didn’t know what half the food was. But delicious

I thought the spinach would be my fav but NOPE!!

Margaret xoxoxox

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