Day 1074 Dog Days?!

My kids pit bull Briard mix Lucy Dog. Just the sweetest dog but a pain to paint. She’s a tawny brindle. So how do you paint that. 

I think I tried every color I have I. The. Brown range burnt umber, Quin Sienna and Quin gold and piemonite. None worked well. Too dark to red too gold. All worked for small areas.  I finally used quin Sienna w a bit of burnt umber. Ultramarine for the darks with the burnt umber. 

Cerulean for greys mixed with Quin Sienna and Andrews turquoise with some Quin Sienna for the throw.  

Mr Clean erasers were my friend to lift highlights lost.  

The sketch done with a 6B pencil. 

Ttyl. Thanks for stopping by. Margaret xoxoxo 

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