Day 836 Enlarging a photo

I started a new very large 36×48 acrylic working from a picture I took in Brevard a few weeks ago.


Heres the original photo.



Then it was cropped and lightened in iphoto on my ipad to see the details better…like the lady behind her husband. In the original she disappears!!


Usually I loathe transferring the picture to the painting but this was SOOO easy all due to having bought a John Salimen about urban landscapes. This dvd is worth every penny I paid for it and it was NOT cheap but hes so informative and easy to understand. Also covers perspective John’s way.

This is how to make really cool enlarging tools that will get you done in no time flat. NO MATH INVOLVED!!

Print your photo out. ( I will post a pic of the printout tomorrow.  I forgot to take one!! )

img_0157Fold it into sixteenths. I like to add lines to the sections so I can see them better.

And divide your canvas or paper that you are transferring the image to into 16 sections. You can see the marks along the edge of the canvas.


img_0155The vertical tool.  

Use an old piece of matboard or cardboard.  Cut a trapezoid that has the measurements of your printout on one end and the painting on the other end.

So how do you know what they are??

The short side matches ONE block of the print out.  It is the same height  as the block on the print out – 1 1/2″.

The left side matches the same size vertical block on the painting which was 12 inches.

Add hash marks on each edge dividing into half, fourths and eigths.

img_0156 The horizontal tool.

It matches the horizontal line on the printout on the small end and the painting on the long edge which is 9″.



Using the vertical tool, measure your printout on the short side of the tool.

Do you see that his nose hits at the fifth hashmark and his chin at the sixth one?? His hat hits just above the fourth one.

DO ONE MEASUREMENT AT A TIME or you will become confused.

img_0109Flip your tool to the large end and mark the same hash marks for the nose and chin on the canvas.  You will have your photo transferred in no time and it will be accurate!!



A commission that I have been given that I started today…having nothing better to do.  10×15 watercolor


Margaret who is off to Columbia (SC not the country) for the day!! xoxoxo








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