Day 831 Its Saturday

Sorry for the late post…this went to that other silly website that I need to take down. For some reason the ap on my phone defaults to it although I use the site 99% of the time.  THEN I have to either start over or copy and paste…more long lost posts coming in a minute…

Decided to draw today instead of paint. Partially because I only had a rectangular canvas and the pose was a reclining one.

I never finished this one.  No shadow on her face. Paper is Stonehenge print paper which does great with ink and markers.

Most of them were done with a Kuretake brush pen loaded with carbon platinum plus ink and colored with Tombow markers. The red one is done with red watercolor pencil.

All Tombows on canson pastel paper.

Just the brush pen on cannon paper. Took about 20 minutes.

Kuretake brush pen again on canson paper. This took about ten minutes.

And the rest of them……

Cathe Dennis acrylic 24×30 love this.  So ephemeral but still solid. And sketchy yet not. 

All Beyer’s huge oil. 3×4?

Our model Ilania checks nc out Als work to give you an idea of how big it is. 

Coachs incipient charcoal. He does a great job. 

Thomas Needham’s beautiful small watercolor. 

Sketching for only a year, Rachel Millers 10×14 watercolor. To think this is one of her very first watercolors. The woman is so talented. 
Mary Donnaus pastel. Love the colors.

Fred’s odalisque Acrylic 24×36.

The rest got away before I had a chance to snap a pic.

Have a great day.


Margaret xxx

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