Day 740 Retrieved from the nether world

And Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Finally home. Car unloaded in this heat. 100 degrees. Carrying everything three stories is drippy business know this heat.

Wishing I was up at Newfound Gap where it was 64 cool degrees.  
Heading down the mountain to Cherokee.

Great food at this place. It’s both organic and not expensive. Lunch for $6.95. What a deal. pe.

Loaded with kitschy charm. The owner and chef Jan is a sweet heart. Their chicken salad can not be beat in Gatlinburg. I wish I had her recipe.

A rare hyacinth macaw at Parrot Mountain – the bird the movie Rio is based on. Can’t wait to paint him- bright yellow and a deep purple blue.

Evidently this bird had never been socialized by its former owner so it was nervous and likes to bite. Poor baby.

A few more sketches in GSNP. It’s just a beautiful places. 800 square miles of wonderful views flowers and animals to draw. If you haven’t gone u really should.

Wild Iris


Forgotten the name of this one. 

More trillium

More Iris

Sketched at an overlook near Newfound Gap. The bottom will have rhododendrons and of course a nice blue sky.

This tiny cemetery was nestled in the trees back near the Park Headquarters at Sugarlands Visitors Center. Remnants of former inhabitants.

Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx who needs a nap after all the schlepping.

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