Day 825 Saturday. No it’s 

Sunday. I don’t seem to quit running. Emily acrylic 24×30 painted in about an hour and a half. 

Think her forehead is a tad too narrow which is an easy fix. Where I painted it was the black hole of Calcutta. No light because of Matthew pouring outside.

Drew Murphy. Amazing he painted this in about a half an hour. It’s 24×30. Acrylic. 
Drews first painting. He didn’t like t so he started over.  

Ruth Pearls beautiful conte crayon sketch. 

Al Beyers huge oil. About 3’x4′. Amazing to paint this in an hour and a half. 

Ruth’s second sketch. 
Done by Coach.  I need to learn his name. Large charcoal. 

FRed Bakers 24×30 acrylic. Another of his mad women. 

Tom Needhams lovely watercolor. Quarter sheet. 
And our newbee who amazes me. A little off but what talent in someone sketching for only a year. 

Mine in progress. 

Second break. Maybe I should have stopped here?
After forty minutes. 

True Margaret off to Asheville be back tonite. Xoxox napping now.  Lol. 

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