I know it’s Saturday

But I have been busy learning to make kombucha and buying the stuff to make it. Then starting it. 

Anyway I sat in a class this afternoon when I should have been blogging. No sketchbook and all these people holding still begging for me to draw them as they quietly listened to Theresa telling us how to make kombucha. 
I drew on the back of my hand out. Oops. Amid my notes on how to make kombucha I drew the teacher and my classmates. 

Why kombucha?? Lots of probiotics and B vitamins and a long list of health benefits. Oh and tastes good. Fizzy sweetened w stevia of truvia so lo cal too. Maybe a substitute for coke??!

Oh that kombucha?? I got a 2 gallon jug to brew it in.  When I cooked the tea off enough to make the kombucha I had left the spigot open on the jug. A good deal of my cooled tea went down the drain before I realized what was happening. OOOPPSS. 

Guess I will start over tomorrow. Sigh. Oh but first I will post all the paintings from the studio today. 

For some reason I thought the sketches would be faster. Another OOOPPPPPsss. 


Margaret xxx

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