Day 808 -Getting Done

11th and Broad Acrylic 36×48

Getting done. Still needs some tweaking of course. They always do. Sometimes even after you sign them. 

Last Wednseday.  

Last Monday 

Wednesday two weeks ago. 

Hope I finish tomorrow or next week. 

Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret who needs a nap. 

Day 807 more arts in the heart 

Funmilayo Ngozi Absolutely fabulous voice. 


The Soul project great band

Chris Ndeti another awesome voice. 

Once again all were drawn with my Noodler ahab and colored with a combo of winsor Newton watercolor markers tombow markers and Caran d’ache neocolor ii. 


Margaret who had to go paint. 

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It’s Saturday 

All of T hese were painted in an hour and a half. 

Sarah. 24×30 acrylic.  

Still needs a few tweaks. Trying again. I could not edit the last post. Uhoh got to fix that right leg. Just noticed it. OOPSEY!!!

Ruth Pearl inktense 

Ruth Pearl Inktense 

Drew Murphy acrylic 
Al Beyer. This one is huge 3’x4’oil

Alex charcoal 


Fred’s acrylic really like his fun Mondigliani sh painting 

Coachs charcoal 

ACs oil 

Rachel Millers 

A lot of great work today. 

Mine in progress. 

Forty minutes 

80 minutes
An hour and a half. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Margaret xxx 

Day 803 Another one 

This ones background was done with either a WInsor Newton quin magenta or alizarin wc marker. Pretty pinky color. I had to go back over the letters because they bled out so much. 

Colors used. WN WC markers- indigo turquoise cad red sap green and Thalo green. A buff colored tombow. 

Ttyl Margaret off to walk four miles. Xxx

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Day 802 A Pound a Day!

Since I got home from the wedding. BUT Let’s not discuss what I ate are the wedding. I did have a date with a large bowl of homemade kettle chips!! 😁

Needless to say I have eaten ALOT Of chic Fil a Market Salads and even a southwestern one but always with a wave of avocado dressing on it. Maybe a tablespoon or so. And lots of Baby Bella cheese. Handy and highly portable. 
The background was colored with an indigo winsor Newton marker first pass. I thought it was a fairly boring color so I went back over it with the turquoise marker. Like it better now. You can also see the turquoise in the blue bowl on the left. 

Colors used
. WN WC markers- indigo turquoise cad red sap green and Thalo green. A buff colored tombow. 

Unfurling. Coming soon to Myrtle Beach!!
Margaret xxx taking her painting for delivery to the South Carolina Watermedia show today. 

Excitement!! A hotly contested juried show and a real honor to just get in. 
#sketching #art #drawing #history #restoration #augusta #atlanta #ink #maggieinsc #dog #artist #dailydrawing #love #entertainment #watercolor #life #gouletpens #noodler #colorwork #deartrementisdocumentbrown #diet #bloodsugardiet #800calories #tombow #journal #journaling

Day 798 It’s done. 

The party’s over. Time to get back on the diet. I wasn’t  terrible at the wedding other than the cake and champagne I mean prosescco. But those kettle chips at the rehearsal party where calling my name. I walked four miles no problem everyday just helping with the wedding and the grandkids. 

Ps tombow and winsor Newton watercolor markers. 

The party went on into the wee hours. I am off home shortly to pick up the dogs and then sleep for a week or two. 

Ttyl Margaret in hot Alanna. Xxx

#sketching #art #drawing #history #restoration #augusta #atlanta #ink #maggieinsc #dog #artist #dailydrawing #love #entertainment #watercolor #life #gouletpens #noodler #colorwork #deartrementisdocumentbrown #diet #bloodsugardiet #800calories #tombow #journal #journaling

Day 801 

Getting done. Not looking forward to lettering on the food cart. Made the guy on the left taller. I realized he was too short today. About an inch!!  

Monday. Dreaded green is gone. 

Last Wednesday. What was I thinking with that green on the center. 

Day one. Well actually day two. I totally screwed up the perspective and had to gesso it out and redraw it. 
Margaret xxx

Day 800 UnbeLievABLe!!

800 days of posting daily. I meant to do a drawing not a giveaway BUT with the wedding life got away from me. 

On day 20 of the diet so postings slightly behind. 

Trying a little something different. When I was in Atlanta I went to Binders and got a few new Winsor Newton watercolor markers which I have been trying to use more. Though I love the tombows they are highly fugitive. Aka colors banish even in the dark. Not so with watercolors. Well not most of the colors. 

Anyway I used my new Quin magenta marker on the background of this page coloring the letters and the rings around the date then hitting  them with a water filled acrylic wc brush and let them run. After they dried I added. But more color to the lettering to brighten them. 

A lot of fun As soon as I remember to get the caran d’ache neocolor II out of the car I will start adding them for more color fun. 

Anyway down two pounds. 


Margaret glad to be home. Xxxx gym tomorrow. 😳

Day 799 Worn Out

A lot of progress made today. Details are starting to be added. The light green down the middle is gone. 

Here it was on last Wednesday with the darks added. 

And after the first plotting of the perspective and colors blocked in. 

Two more photos by Jill Doty photography. Check her out. She’s on fb and Instagram. Does a great job. Can’t wait to see all the photos. 

Thanks for checking by. Back on my diet and back to my nap. Worn completely out from five days of wedding parties and chasing my toddlers.   

Day 795 – the BIG DAY

Wedding bells ring this afternoon at Cater Woods Gardens in Atlanta.  In the meantime I walk by the shop windows and am obsessed by reflections. 

I popped these photos into Waterlogue which turns tw into watercolors. I think some of them will make great paintings either acrylic or watercolor. 

So why am I obsessed with reflections?? 

The things you see that were there all along reflected in back of you. 

Buildings, sky, even people walking down the street. 

Sometimes it’s just me. 

It’s like a hidden picture that is often more interesting thane hat you were looking at thru the window. 

Here are some of the originals taken in Decatur

And downtown Augusta Ga. 

This one is two windows one reflecting one looking thru to the street behind. 
Anyway wedding time. 


Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret xxx