Day 800 UnbeLievABLe!!

800 days of posting daily. I meant to do a drawing not a giveaway BUT with the wedding life got away from me. 

On day 20 of the diet so postings slightly behind. 

Trying a little something different. When I was in Atlanta I went to Binders and got a few new Winsor Newton watercolor markers which I have been trying to use more. Though I love the tombows they are highly fugitive. Aka colors banish even in the dark. Not so with watercolors. Well not most of the colors. 

Anyway I used my new Quin magenta marker on the background of this page coloring the letters and the rings around the date then hitting  them with a water filled acrylic wc brush and let them run. After they dried I added. But more color to the lettering to brighten them. 

A lot of fun As soon as I remember to get the caran d’ache neocolor II out of the car I will start adding them for more color fun. 

Anyway down two pounds. 


Margaret glad to be home. Xxxx gym tomorrow. šŸ˜³

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