Day 786 Dr Sketchys 

15 min sketch. Heads a little big I think but she was very slender and long. Caran d’ache neocolor ii and Pentel brush pen on super Aquabee tablet just to end the night well I put my sleeve of a good shirt in her name and smeared it. And of course got it on my shirt. 

You never know what the model will do at dr Sketchys. Which is part of the fun. We ended up with the punisher. Started with a mermaid and had a dinosaur in between. 

5 minute sketch

If it could go wrong last nite it did which really put me off. I had already driven to Aiken and back for clas and painted several hours then eaten in a rush and hurried downtown.

5 minute sketch 

 And then our model did not get she has to try to hold still. She wiggled she moved. She looked around. To top it off the hoop she hung from turned. Whose great idea was that?! 

15minute sketch Tombow markers Caran d’ache neocolor ii

N ext I discovered that I was almost out of paper. I had a brand new sketch book at home. And my favorite pen was missing. That’s what I get for rushing. 

Somebody finally told her she was to hold still. And she did a great job after that.  HOWEVER my ink bled. Reason I got another brush pen that I could load with carbon platinum black ink. 

Come back tomorrow for part 2!! Sketching improved a bit. 

Margaret xxx off to walk her last mile. Three down one to go. 

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