Day 795 – the BIG DAY

Wedding bells ring this afternoon at Cater Woods Gardens in Atlanta.  In the meantime I walk by the shop windows and am obsessed by reflections. 

I popped these photos into Waterlogue which turns tw into watercolors. I think some of them will make great paintings either acrylic or watercolor. 

So why am I obsessed with reflections?? 

The things you see that were there all along reflected in back of you. 

Buildings, sky, even people walking down the street. 

Sometimes it’s just me. 

It’s like a hidden picture that is often more interesting thane hat you were looking at thru the window. 

Here are some of the originals taken in Decatur

And downtown Augusta Ga. 

This one is two windows one reflecting one looking thru to the street behind. 
Anyway wedding time. 


Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret xxx