Day 802 A Pound a Day!

Since I got home from the wedding. BUT Let’s not discuss what I ate are the wedding. I did have a date with a large bowl of homemade kettle chips!! 😁

Needless to say I have eaten ALOT Of chic Fil a Market Salads and even a southwestern one but always with a wave of avocado dressing on it. Maybe a tablespoon or so. And lots of Baby Bella cheese. Handy and highly portable. 
The background was colored with an indigo winsor Newton marker first pass. I thought it was a fairly boring color so I went back over it with the turquoise marker. Like it better now. You can also see the turquoise in the blue bowl on the left. 

Colors used
. WN WC markers- indigo turquoise cad red sap green and Thalo green. A buff colored tombow. 

Unfurling. Coming soon to Myrtle Beach!!
Margaret xxx taking her painting for delivery to the South Carolina Watermedia show today. 

Excitement!! A hotly contested juried show and a real honor to just get in. 
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