Day 792 you know it 

Another journal page. I am actually on day 17 and all the previous days are done.  Usually I draw them as I eat and then color in my coloring book when I have time. 

Interestingly I have found this book very handy. At the end of the day I can check and see if I have a few more calories I can indulge in. 

One of the things I have been trying to do is never repeat the layout or colors when I do these pages. Hard to do when u eat the same food a lot. 

 So I got out my Kuretake brush pen from Goulet   Nice effect I think. It’s a fun pen and you can use the Carbon Black ink with it which is the most permanent ink I have found. 

Definitely gives a different look to the pages than my beloved Noodlee Creaper. And it doesn’t leak like my Noodler. 

Also using my Winsor Newton watercolor markers more. Playing with them. And different effects you can get with them. I always like doing borders with them than over painting them with water and watching them bleed. Same thing with shadows. Get delicious unexpected colors. 

Also trying to practice a little French. 
Big Atanta meets Memphis wedding Saturday. Off to do last minute shopping. 


Margaret xxx

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3 thoughts on “Day 792 you know it 

  1. louise says:

    Bientôt le mariage 🙂 de ton fils !!! Practicing your French , it is great!
    and i practicing my English by reading you posts and others. It is easier for me to read than to speak English. big hug


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