Day 615 Key West Dreaming

The Papa Hemingway Look A Like contest is a big deal in Key West. Four days of celebrations and a nightly culling of the papa wannabes herd at Sloppy Joes a local bar on Duval made famous by its favorite denizen Papa Hemingway. 

A former winner. There are at least 100 entries in the contest. Most bear little resemblance to Ernest other than white hair and beards.  

Papas can participate in a Marlin fishing tournament. Winner takes home $25000!! My favorite was coffee and doughnuts with the contestants. 

The Papas walk!! An imitation of Running with the Bulls in Pamplona Spain. Starting at Sloppy Joes the papas walk around the block with a huge fake bull on wheels. The day culminates in the coronation of the NEW Papa look alike winner. 

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