Day 614 – an angel 


WIP aka playing or spring break fun. What can I say I watched too many YouTube videos yesterday. Hmm I think squared her head off a bit when I painted the halo but that’s easy to fix.

Check out Marshall Arisman. He also has some fascinating videos on. I wish mine looked a fraction as good as his do even though his work is very odd. 

I painted the background with Titan buff first and then painted the halo and wings with Quin nickel Azo gold. With a paper towel I rubbed off some of the nickel Azo gold. 

  I painted the background a mix of  nickel Azo pyrrole red and ultramarine blue and sometimes white. And I rubbed it off around the halo and wing exposing the Titan buff undercoat.  

Then I added black to the background straight from the tube and smeared it around wiping it almost off in spots. 

I will be adding iridescent gold and silver to the wings and probably the halo and my shiva paint sticks too. 

This is what she looked like before I painted the background. 

Anyway adding some gold and perhaps some silver to the background AFTER I make her head round again. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 

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