Day 355 – like elephants better. 


  Now I am done. The letters are Reinked with platinum carbon black ink in my favorite Noodler creaper Ahab. A great pen and so reasonably priced. Mine was $20. And it holds cats of ink.


In my 93# Super Bee Deluxe sketchbook. 

Problems problems. I guess that’s why I like watercolor. It’s prone to misbehave. 

I had started out with a yellow green background to go with my band of “kente cloth”. It was terrible. I painted over it with green. Also bad. Just not so bad. So I added cerulean blue to it. Improved. Then I  added some cobalt blotches. And was happier with it. 

The cad red light outside band was to cover up some of my ink smears. 


For a while it looked like this.  Decided the blue band on the right had to go.  Made it to match the right side by adding the same colors.  

So what colors did I use on the elephants?! Quin gold and Quin Sienna  mixed with a grey made by adding Inathradone to burnt sienna or burnt umber.  The darks are made with the Inathradone with cad orange added to it while it was wet. I also saved a lot of whites which makes the elephants sparkle. 

I do still need to go over the lettering. It always seems to dull out when I paint over it. 

Thanks for reading!!

Margaret xxx

2 thoughts on “Day 355 – like elephants better. 

  1. Marilyn Cieremans in Ontario, Canada says:

    What a journey!!!I have enjoyed every day of your journey in painting. if you decide to quit after a year of blogging I will certainly miss it. However I know how hard it must be to blog everyday.


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Ah thanks. We shall see. Maybe I will go for two years lol. Definitely grown a lot in the daily practice of making art.


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