Day 356 – Love my Noodlers

I am embarrassed to tell you how many I have. 

This was done with my latest acquisition a ReD Noodler Konrad loaded with Diamanté Wild Strawberry. Don’t knowwhich I like better.  The red ink or the red pen. 

I wrote it in my Super Deluxe Bee sketchbook. No fuzzy letters.  The paper loves ink.   

My new Konrad loaded with wild strawberry and my beloved Noodler Creaper Ahab loaded with carbon platinum black ink. I have four more Noodler pens. LOVE their flex nibs.  Super for both sketching and lettering because they have an interesting line similar to a dip pen.  I only occasionally make messes with the ink.  I always do with dip pens. Try the Ahab. A bargain at $20 and holds a huge amount of ink.   

My other Noodler pens all loaded with different color inks.  A girl needs choices, right?! The top pen, a Noodler Konrad is loaded with Noodlers Lexington Grey, the brush pen is new.  Not sure what color but probably will get Lexington Grey since I have Carbon Black in my Kuretake pen. The slim red Noodler is loaded with deartrementis document brown. The bright yellow one is loaded with deartrementis Petrol a turquoise greeny bluet color. The two small pens were dirt cheap at Goulet. $10 or so each. The Konrads are the priciest at $40. I have a couple of Lamys that I never use.  Hmm I while gift them on at least the safari. May be great for writing but didn’t like it at all for drawing. 

Thanks for reading 
Margaret xxx

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