Day 344 practicing Palm trees.  

  Besame Mucho, Key West 

Been painting all day.  Color me exhausted. Stayed up til 2 am reading. Three paintings today. Trying out different paper. 

The first two went so well decided to proactive my nemesis palm trees and the other one BuShEs😜. If u r going to paint in Key West u better be able do a decent Palm.  

How to paint a descent Palm. I usually loose my lights. I painted the Palm area first with a light yellow. And then did negative painting in blue greens Inathridone blue and even Quin red and mineral Violet. I did a simile thing with the trees behind the house. But did I do it with the bushes?!  NoPe!!

  Lifting. Have had a super deluxe bee sketchbook for a while.  I bought it because a great watercolor book  I have More Joy of Watercolor by David Lyle Millard($4 on amazon!!!)  said it was great for watercolor. He’s right. It is.  You can lift off color so easily. Found myself doing that over and over. It likes washes. And it’s not exorbitant in price because the paper is fairly thin 93 

Super paper. I did one earlier today on it with wash after wash. It’s now just about flat. Something I can’t say about other popular sketchbook papers of simile weight. 

   I lifted the light green Palm fronds on the right middle of the tree below. It was too easy. They are repainted light green in the photo below. 

I got the Palm but what happened to the bushes. Did I say I love white gouache?! When all else fails gouache it. I do hope one day to get where I never touch that stuff but in the meantime I need stock in it. 
  I also lifted the bushes. And the guys left arm. This paper lifts clean as a whistle. It’s smooth as a baby’s bottom so would be great for colored pencils. If u check the seal it says it works with all medias. Guess I shall try it out. No pastels though. Messy.  

And then I painted the bushes TOO dark again. Sigh. 

Color me tired. Thanks for reading. More about Super Deluxe Bee Aquabee sketch paper soon. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx 

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