Day 339 – Sgt. Wyatts Bar B Que

Sgt Wyatts Barbecue is around the corner from one of my kids.  I keep thinking we need to stop. It’s so funky and charming it’s been on my to draw list for a while. It’s bright yellow and sags a lot. Smoke billows from the chimney. 

 I found this photo of the side fence when I was looking for more information about it.  I forgot to write on two signs and used artistic license after I found this photo on Evidently the food is really good. It’s moved up my list to try next time I am in East Atlanta. Most of the reviews are great. 

The old Chevrolet truck was at Flying Biscuit on Piedmont Ave. I think I need an old Chevy truck. Thought of fit with the funkiness of Sgt Wyatts building so I added it.  

Yellow is Aureolin yellow and yellow Ochre, grey my current fav Inathradone blue and burnt umber. Green roof was painted with a viridian green dulled with a burnt sienna. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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