Day 335 – Thirty Days to

go till I make a year of daily blogging. On the downhill slide. 

A sort of contour drawing of Bear who decided to move in the middle of the drawing. I have drawn him so many times I can get him more or less right even so. 

He’s a big brown brindled pitty that somebody dumped.  Wisely Bear attached himself to my son Ben two years ago and there he stays. He’s really a very laid back relaxed dog who would rather be petted than ever chew on you.  He was fun to journal about with my Noodler Creaper Ahab in Carbon Platinum Black ink. 

Once again he was painted with Quin burnt sienna and ultramarine blue, Inathridone blue and burnt umber was added for the stripes and shadows. 

The background started as a dirty grey cerulean.  I stood the sketch book at a 90 degree angle and let bits of Quin burnt sienna, yellow ochre, Inathridone blue for the drops and splats. 

I thought about painting the background another blue layer to even put the color but decided I liked it as is and left it alone.


Here’s the whole double page spread. I thought you would like to see it. 


I am going to enter it in a win a free pen and ink contest on Instagram. They like to know what the pen and ink is in writing plus a photo of the pen. The white page looked so plain I quickly wrote one of my favorite dog quotes and painted the leftpage to match the right page.  

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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