Triple threat I mean Treat hmmm…

Three people instead of just one. 😵😵😵😳 This watercolor painting was done without a pencil drawing.
First i eyeballed the placement of the faces on the page and painted approximateshapes with cad yellow and quin rose.
Then i started painting the left guy. Probably went to far but never done the no pencil technique this small or on three people in one painting. Usually do it on a half sheet. Cobalt, UB and browns
So i got too detailed and moved onto the other two. Should have listened to Charles Reid who said never paint a face smaller than 4”
Doesn’t look bad but does not look lie the guy in the photo. Trying to loose some edges. Should have left the teeth like this one. Ez fix.
Hmm i know this is different but clueless how.
Still not happy. Left face is off. The woman is a bit too fat. Oh well.
Really don’t like his teeth. Think i need to lighten the lines a bit. I also fattened his face a bit. Anyway took way too long. But good to be doing a wc portrait again. Stillman and birn alpha w the Mary Whyte palette colors.

Margaret who painted too long on this 8×10 xoxoxoxo

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