A few more portraits

Day 8. #jyportraitchallenge on ig. Loved her w her respirator “hat” but oh my was Sandra a pain to draw.
The sketch. I actually drew her twice. Was going to do this as a watercolor but got a really bad headache and didn’t. Shes still in the ether. Maybe tomorrow.
My iphone took this one. Colors are so off.
So I took one with my ipad pro. Colors are better. I tried hard to keep the pencil lines so they didnt show but somehow the phone always does even when they dont. 😵😵😵
The sketch
Coming along. I almost wish i had stopped here. Love the loose lines of her clothing. Colored pencil and prismacolor artstixs in a Stillman and Birn Alpha.

Margaret ready to put her feet up xoxoxo

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