Way too yellow!

An acrylic i am doing for my son. Its 2×4’ so its a big one but as i said too yellow. That said might be an easy fix w a variety of blue transparent washes of acrylic gelInt. U can thin the paint w acrylic medium and wash it with blues. So thats for tomorrow.
Heres the original picture which i think has way too much green in it anyway to make a good painting aka its a boring photo so it will make a boring painting. We shall see.
Tonights sunset. It got really pretty.

Margaret now tired from speed painting. Xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Way too yellow!

  1. Alexis Aronson says:

    Yellow acrylic will be prized by your son. The acrylic how-to’s of mixing
    which colors is very helpful. I am amazed how many art talents & materials you are skilled at.

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