Oops dropped that ball

Forgot to post because my friend Mike and I wore ourselves out Wednesday virtually painting with each other. We did two of the sessions then collapsed for the rest of the week. Lol. We bees delicate.

The Thompson River – gouache, fluid 140# cold press paper

Mike Hernandez did a great job. So succinct. His day job is as Art Director for Dreamworks. How cool a job is that? His style is reminiscent of what I call the golden age of cartoons back in the forties when Disney and others had fabulous artwork in their animations.

Next up. One of these. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Irena Roman said to try it out in my sketchbook first. So I did. Leaning toward the first one maybe reversed like the bottom one? What do you think. It will be big. At least a half sheet.
Doing it a la swan style. Hmm I forgot it was this way. Well maybe the first one then.

Margaret still tired xoxoxo

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