Court reporter

In my next life i want to be a court reporter. Since we have alot of connections w the low country esp Edisto and Beaufort we have been following the Murdaugh trial. Today he testified which never happens. I could not resist drawing him.


Calling this Better than Alex did with the Sketch Artist

SLED asked him to work with a sketch artist for a portrait of the man who shot him on the Salkahatchee Road. Needless to say his idea of his attacker a man he knew well his Cousin Eddie was grossly inaccurate.

And that finishes off my Stillman and Birn Alpha book. Watercolor pencil. This was done with no pencil sketch like you do w watercolor but just coloring til i got it right.

I have Pumpkin ready to pour. I did her whiskers and wispy hits with a crowquill india ink pen just dipping it in and drawing with it quickly.
And then theres this ballerina Mike and I are virtually meeting up to work on tomorrow.
Supposedly she will look like this if we paint fast enough!! The Jury is out in this one. As in we shall see.


For some reason I spent way too much time drawing my husbands favorite cat Pumpkin. Next up is masking it so i can pour the background but life keeps getting in the way. Hopefully tomorrow.

Heres her picture. Shes a torby although some people consider them light tortoise shells. She has orange spots here and there. Sometimes she looks like a pale grey cat. A chameleon cat.

The Escort Cat! Her sister Weenie went for a walk with us today. Little kitty walked over a mile.
And darned if I didn’t miss a fantastic sunset. This is the CSX train bridge crossing the river at the end of the street.

Margaret putting her feet up xoxoxo