Day 227 Zoe Time

Zoe and I have been a little under the weather. She had dental surgery and I had a shingles shot that made me feel just ill Achy fever fatigued. My arm still hurts three days later. The first two days I couldn’t raise my arm. Not ideal for lugging a sock puppy up down the stairs. She felt so rotten after surgery she wanted to throw up wandered around in a daze finally pooped in the upstairs shower. She was so apologetic for that. I told her no worries it was the perfect spot. Try it again next time she has a problem. That happens about once every other year.

Today she posed for me while I held a chunk of cracker for her to drool over. Something I used to do with my old Jacks when I wanted to draw them. Also works when you want to take a good pic of your dog.

Anyway we are down to the last two episodes of New Tricks so ta ra. Been a fun romp that reminds me of the curmudgeons on the Closer.

Margaret xoxoxo still wondering why she got that shot since she’s never had chicken pox though she’s been repeatedly exposed to it.

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