Day 220 WIPE Out or Surprises!!

Hmm I more ways than one. My car battery died today too. Now jumped off and running fine. A Prius gets a dead battery so easily. And yes I thought I had checked to see if all the lights were off Miss Rebecca. Evidently NOT. Sigh. Thank goodness for USAA roadside assistance. They have me on speed dial for dead batteries. Groan.

Been working on this hideous painting. Not at all what I imagined. So where did I go wrong.

I didn’t used my value sketch but the photo to paint from. A bad idea according to Vlad Yesilesev and I should no better by now but NOPE. Did it anyway.

After much discussion with Ms Ruth today she suggested I put the focal point back where it belonged and take attention away from the middle building.

With nothing to loose it was time to WIPE it out. So I taped it up and had at it.

Now I actually like it better. An amazing improvement with nothing down but wiping off paint.

Stay tuned to see if I wiped off the finish w the paint. I hope not but if I did I drew another one this afternoon thinking this one was hopeless.

Stay tuned.

Pot kitties posing in the autumn sun.

Stay tuned.

Margaret xoxox

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