Down on River Walk

I always like this fountain that sparkles in the sun. I put off painting it because I knew it would be a pain and it was. I quit. Should have left it in ink. Too many tiny details. Sepia Pitt pen fine stillman and birn Zeta From the safety of my car.

I did finish a pair of socks today. What else have I done this week. Three paintings. Sold two. Hurrah. Stacciatella THE best soup ever. Sooo good. And I have made lots of soup.

Thought about quilting this.

Bakes cookies snickerdoodles and easy no knead bread twice.

Goodnite. Stay safe!

Margaret staying home. Xoxoxo

Out my window

At my house in solidarity with Italian Urban Sketchers that couldn’t get out and draw. Did I say drawn last Sat. Just painted today?! Summer coming fast along the river!!

Stillman and Birn Zeta uniball micro Watercolor

Margaret thinking abt zipping up a stack of face masks. Hmm if only I thought they would work. Sad times. Xoxoxo

Jessica’s Pink Tower

My friend Jessica lives on the Savannah River downtown in the Pink Tower. The views are astonishing from high up in the building.

Zoe and I went urban sketching today when I had to go downtown to pick up the Gypsy. It was a gorgeous day. But crazy people were out in Broad Street eating and parading up the street – not keeping their distance. Scary!! Stillman and birn Zeta sepia F Pitt pen. Fealing Lin palette Colors

Margaret ready to relax. So far I drew quite a bit. Ran two errands with zero human contact. Made two batches of snicker doodles. Cooked more veggies for the leftover adorned beef. Oh and made a fb group page. No wonder I am tired scrub scrub scrub. I even bleached my Bernina after I picked it up from the shop. 😳😂


The Reason

I didn’t get any art done today. Upset tummy from too much St Paddy’s Day fun. Don’t worry I didn’t leave the house and nope didn’t have any company over. Just two too many Jamison’s.

Tomorrow is a better day. Stay safe. Keep your six feet. Don’t hug each other. Don’t touch your face. And wash wash wash wash.

Virtual hugs! Margaret xoxoxo

Zoe Time

If I am on the sofa guaranteed you will find Zoe on her Costco feather blanket by my side. Right now she’s shoved me into a corner while she stretches out. 🤗😊

Sepia Pitt pen pentel brush pen stillman and birn alpha

Margaret xoxoxo

Along Hwy 28

Somewhere between Abbeville and McCormick. Painted in Stillamn and Birn Zeta sketchbook. Could be my new fav. Lovely paper. And Fealin Lin palette.

I was off on a trip to the cabin in Sapphire to hang out with my little germ bombs aka my dear sweet grandchildren. My kids their parents called and said are you sure you want to come. Hmmm no I wasn’t sure. But I was packed and I was on the road.

Then my mom who is self isolating in Asheville said no I shouldnt go. My niece had already said the same more or less- No kids babysat by grandparents til the coronavirus is gone.

So at about Anderson I turned around and came home with plenty of time to sketch this barn I have long admired. Now I even have time to paint so trying not to leave the house.

Artisinal Purell perfect for St Paddy’s day.

Wine and Vitamin C

I am prepared!! And I have wipes and tp and paper towel and plenty of paint and paper.

Margaret xoxoxo listening to dr hymen. He’s so good. Thanks

Today I painted.

Not the usual a journal page a la Juliana Coles style. I have taken two or three classes from her. Ps her classes are fascinating and cathartic.

It’s not done but thought I would share it with you. I woke up thinking about this. When you do that you have to make it.

Going to write the number of cases world wide and the deaths on it sooner or later.

The start. I journaled across a piece of Canson watercolor board with a soft pencil and smeared it.

Circled random words with a grease pencil. And added yellow paint. Wish I had a nasty green yellow but nope.

Notes on possible words to use.

Adding words with a grease pencil. Dots were done with the end of a paint brush dipped in paint.


Notes from the news. Reminds me of watching Hurricane Dorian last August.

Using my Pentel brush pen to add lettering like on his chin. A white gel pen on the scarf and eyes.

Now. Trying to take away some cuteness. Paint on eyes was dabbed on with a finger then swirled around with the end of the paint brush. White paint lettering on scarf so it shows more.

Painted with that cheap acrylic paint. The kind in the small bottles. It has a tooth you can write on unlike the expensive stuff.

Next up cases and death toll world wide.

Try it. Very cathartic.

In the meantime. Knitting. Yarn at my feet on the stool.

Sock progressing slowly but looks like I will have plenty of time to finish this pair.

Margaret whose going to be sticking closer to home.


i meant to start this painting or

Maybe this one

Definitely this one

Or my niece

Or my granddaughter. Did I?!

No I cleaned and I cleaned and then I cleaned some more. I scrubbed the kitchen top to bottom. I vacuumed I dusted I did the laundry I cooked soup I baked cookies I planted. And I could go on. All powered by two espresso shots. Oh my.

Maybe I will get them started tomorrow.

In the meantime look what I found. Hurrah. Now I have six!

Margaret be safe stay six feet away from others or better still stay home. Hugs I love you all!!


Shhh. Don’t tell the teachers.

Done I think but I have been known to be wrong. I actually measured her eyes dropping verticals and horizontals with a long ruler. Something I never do. Shhh. Don’t tell the teachers.

I also softened the right edge of her face using a nylon round. Tough brush. Scrub scrub scrub and it keeps its point. You could have cut an apple with that razor sharp edge.

Oh I softened her top lip. Why you say?! Keeps it from looking cut and pasted. if you don’t soften the edge of the upper lip it looks cut and pasted on.

She doesn’t look quite so much like she would eat you for dinner. All that softening of edges helped with the ferocious look.

Saturday. Eeek. Tilted eye and nasty background that doesn’t coordinate on both sides.

Back to that right annoying eye. Actually used some white gouache mixed with a dab of quin gold to pick out the highlights.

Oh and those three dots on her eyelashes – all gouache mixed with quin gold!!

Margaret watching the election returns. Xoxoxo