Along Hwy 28

Somewhere between Abbeville and McCormick. Painted in Stillamn and Birn Zeta sketchbook. Could be my new fav. Lovely paper. And Fealin Lin palette.

I was off on a trip to the cabin in Sapphire to hang out with my little germ bombs aka my dear sweet grandchildren. My kids their parents called and said are you sure you want to come. Hmmm no I wasn’t sure. But I was packed and I was on the road.

Then my mom who is self isolating in Asheville said no I shouldnt go. My niece had already said the same more or less- No kids babysat by grandparents til the coronavirus is gone.

So at about Anderson I turned around and came home with plenty of time to sketch this barn I have long admired. Now I even have time to paint so trying not to leave the house.

Artisinal Purell perfect for St Paddy’s day.

Wine and Vitamin C

I am prepared!! And I have wipes and tp and paper towel and plenty of paint and paper.

Margaret xoxoxo listening to dr hymen. He’s so good. Thanks

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