Day 1100 A big number!!

When I started this new blog I thought I would try to make 50 days of daily blogging and here we are at day 1100. Who knew. As Wayne Dyer said anything is possible if you do it one small piece at a time.

20 minute sketches. The last of the dr Sketchys really liked the wings. Great fun to draw. The flowers NOT so much fun to paint. Jessie was some kind of woodland fairy. I think. She held the pose rock steady for 20 minutes which after 2 1/2 hrs of paint is no easy thing to do.

Bytw I set the sketchbook up vertically while I drew and painted these. Anymore I almost can't paint or draw on a flat level
Surface. Strange but true. It feels odd. Time was short so these are all alla prima
Paintings. Love the way the darks in her legs and wings blended themselves.

Like Charles Reid says it's 50% you 50% the watercolor.

10×14 superaquabee sketch book which loves pentel brush pen and watercolor alike. Winsor Newton travel palette watercolors and all the Daniel Smith quinacridones. #10 DaVinci Kolinsky Sable.

Ttyl time to play with the grandkids. Hugs. Margaret in Atlanta xoxoxoxo

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