Say 1045 Reconstituting Paint! 

Or part two of that dries out palette. So did I quit?! NOPE! I had found a dried out tube of Daniel Smith Ultramarine Blue and thought it was EXPENSIVE and I seem to EAT Ultramarine Blue. 

RECONSTITUTE IT?! Was it possible. It was rock hard. 

I chopped it open with my carton cutter. It looked like plastic. A dried up rock. 

I put it in the Ultramarine well NA hosed it with the sprayer. 

I chopped it with the palette knife bending the tip of my palette knife again. Still a rock. 

I let it soak. Then I chopped it with my scissors. Stirred it a bit. Off and on all afternoon I poked at it. 

Yeah it was melting. Chopped it a bit more with the scissors. Shrinking shrinking. 

Now it looks like nice thick pea soup. Harley is going to require aLOT of untramarine blue!!  

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo 

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