Day 775 – It’s Saturday 

And we had a busy hour and a half painting a very tired sleepy Emily. Her new puppy has been keeping her up at night. We had lots of advice for her.  Mine is always get an adult rescue. Skip those puppy problems- whining pottying chewing shoe eating. 
Cropping mine because I didn’t get a chance to finish her lower hand. MOnday I guess or maybe I will gesso over her. 

As Drew said today we should do the face the hands and then paint the rest because we run out of time. An hour and a half is not long to paint a 24×30″ painting.  

Lees beautiful pastels. 

Another Lee sketch. Awesome job 

Tom Needhams exquisite watercolor. He used Daniel Smoth quin coral for that gorgeous skin tone. 

Al Beyers Oil. 

Alex’s charcoal or pastel sketch. Beautiful job. 

Jeremy’s lovely rendition. 

ACs awesome very oily oil painting. It’s very sheer.  This is on plywood and I think was my favorite today. He used very runny paint mixed with a lot of linseed oil mineral spirits and something else. 

Drew Murphys. Guess he will be paint hands on Monday too. This is 24×30″

Fred Bakers Mondigliani inspired Emily.  24×30″ love the eyes. 

I think that everyone really did a great job today. Must have been those dunkin donuts  and chocolate chip cookies we had for snacks. 
Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret xxxx

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