Day 766 – imperfect

Indeed. Posting these so you can see that I too mess up sketches. Everybody does. 
This switch can be cropped so it looks ok. It was going fine tilHenry  decided to move yesterday morning. 

And I got his leg to small. I was so annoyed I didn’t try to finish or fix it. 

Zoe turned out a little better but have you ever tried to draw. Dog chewing on a rawhide. They don’t hold still. At least lot their head or their paws. What was I thinking. 

Then Henry sat up and leaned on his daddy’s legs doe two seconds. Just long enough to mess up another piece of paper. 

Then I thought gesture sketch of Drew  and Livia.  Not bad but I couldn’t see his feet. And Drew never holds still. 

Off to French conversation class. Parlez vous francaise?

Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret xxx

2 thoughts on “Day 766 – imperfect

  1. Nicola says:

    People are so fidgety! Even doing something sedentary, like reading a book, they twist and turn and shift position way more than I thought possible before I tried to draw them!


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