Day 765 – dawg day Sundays

After an energetic weekend with the grandkids age two and four adorable but oh so busy the dogs and I are taking it easy.  Well at least after loads of laundry sheets and towels from swimming in the pool a laps of dishes several trash bags out and toys picked up and floors moped and vacuumed plus walls scrubbed with Mr cleans we are taking the rest  of the day off. 

Honey hopeful as usual. Dogs are so much easier to draw then people. They hold a pose or return to it soon if you wait. 
That’s it for tonite. 

See ya Manana. 

Margaret xxxx

#blackdawg #lab #labrador #ink #sketching #art #drawing #history #restoration #augusta #atlanta #ink #maggieinsc #dog #artist #dailydrawing #love #entertainment #watercolor #life  

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