Day 412 People time



I drew this the other day when we had breakfast at the inner bean. A lot of times when I try to draw people like this I end up with a mess. For once I started in the front and drew to the back. 

Today sketching at Costco I  did the opposite. A bit of a mess. 

Since these are generally drawn in ink you don’t get a do over when the figures over lap shelves. If you start in the front not such a problem.  I started with the left bottom corner. 

  Contrast was a problem too. All the figures were blending into each other on the left. 

I converted it to black and white. With the color gone it was easy to see where the figures wee blending in. Bottom left was especially bad. 

  I uped the contrast aka value which I think improved life at the bean. 

Just remember my chickies it’s all about value. 

  An old page of dads on how to draw people I thought u might find interesting. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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