Day 396- Sweet Bear 

  Bear was my sons sweet huge 85 lb. pit bull rescue who wandered into our lives about two years ago. 

 One spring day he followed Ben home and refused to leave. It didn’t take him long to move from the front porch to the bed and the sofa.   

 He was hard to say no too. Bear would really rather be a lap dog than a porch dog. 

  I started to draw him whenever I visited.  His brindle due was always a challenge. 

I drew him in ink. 

I drew him in ink and watercolor. 

I tried to draw him in an artsy manner with just his red hound dog eye showing. 

  I drew him in smuged ink. 

And another watercolor. 

I sent him to the corner when he begged while I was cooking where he was mournful. 

I journaled about him. Bear was a wonderful dog and model who contracted a terrible cancer which led to his passing away a week ago. We will all miss Mr Bear. We are glad he came into our loves and we hope he is out chasing a ball in Heaven where he is waiting for his daddy. He is missed!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret  Bears grandma whose glad she Sketcher him a lot!! ️Xxx 

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