Day 1069 Mary Alice Munroe

Went to a great book talk at AB Browns today by Mary Alice Monroe for her newest book in her Beach House series the quintessential summer beach book based on Isle of Palms near Charleston. 

Though I have read some of the books with the turtles in them has no idea they are really to educate us about her latest passion. I tend to read the story for the story not to find hidden meanings. 

That said I always enjoy them. 

The latest book is about pelican rescue her latest passion. The raptor center even named a pelican that she rescued after her Mary Ann so I decided to draw Mary Ann to fill up the page. 

The notes are just things that she said about her passions pelicans shorebirds. 

She’s also an excellent palmetto bug stomper. One was running around the room the talk was held in. It’s a skill u acquire when you got to SC Low country beaches. I won’t tell you how I know. 

The lunch was excellent. HEirloom tomato soup.  

Shrimp and grits and a peach cheese cake for desert. 

Ttyl. Off to Atlanta!  Thanks for stopping by!! Margaret xoxoxoxo

Day 1061 -how many more?! And a beach party!!

Still quite a few!!! 🤗We have no shortage of talking heads in this country. They offer great drawing practice. If you can pause your tv it even takes the pressure off of trying to draw them quickly. 

And all they do is talk. And talk and talk. 

And pass a lot of laws that half the country don’t like no matter which side you are on making the other half is unhappy! 

The Decatur Businesses Beach Party in downtown Decatur on the square. Ponce de Leon became a giant beach!!  Free beach buckets, beach balls and balloons oh and washable tattoos for all!! 

An amazing stilt walker. The kids had no idea how he could be that tall! Several people on top of each other was their best guess. 

And there he goes legging it down the block or should I say stilting down the block?!

And a rare shot of the old Decatur Courthouse with sun on its face. It usually sits in the shade. Bytw this is now an art gallery. 

Off to play with my grandkids. Hugs!! 

Day 985 Some Rachel time

A good way to start a Monday!

This ones a little busy but it was a busy day on Thursday. For that matter so was Friday. 

Oddly I noticed Rachel looks a little tired in this sketch. If I hadn’t deleted it I would go back and look at it to see if she was. Those kinds of things turn up in sketches even if you don’t notice them while you are watching. 

I actually think I might like this better unpainted. Oh well. As you can tell the news continues to astound me. The spy novel keeps building and building. 

As Chuck Lorre posted after Big Bang “our best hope to save the day is an eighty year old slab of beef jerky from Arizona(McCain) and his trusty sidekick Scarlett O’Hara(Lindsey Graham)!!

Off to bed. Ttyl. 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 984 Alex and Willie

Every Sunday I watch CBS SUnday Morning. My fav bits on it are the partsabout  artists or singers people stuff. And this show is crammed with them. Alex was on this am talking about his 45 impersonations. Hard to resist sketching him. He morphed into 45. The mans definitely making me political!! 

The background was Quin gold but not enough contrast w the head. Like the orange one better. After all he is the Orange One”

Have always loved Willie and meant to just draw him. He just popped onto the page. What’s not to love about an 84 year old who says “we woke up and we are still not dead!”??

Think they are done. Maybe. Trying to resist the urge to scribble on them in the background with a soft dark pencils. So many quotable quotes from them both.  

Painted on 280# Arches Cold Press with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean, hematite and cheap Joes Andrews Turquoise. Pen pentel brush pen. 

Ttyl Going to try my hand at horses today. 

Margaret taking a walk in the park today too. 

Day 976 Time for some News

Been obsesssed with the news as many other Americans have and I take notes and draw the talking heads. Monday I was almost late to class listening to Comey FBI director talk about their investigation into the Presidents claims against Obama which of course as most people knew even before the testimony were completely unfounded. 

His other bomb  shell  was that the FBI has been investigating the Trumps campaigned connections to the Russians since July.  And I am keeping track of what they are saying and how it’s interlocked. 

It’s just all to incredible. 

About the picture. I had a few problems with Comeys face. His eyes and mouth should be parallel. They weren’t. I fixed him by adding a dark left corner to his mouth which raised it slightly. 

The purple brown on his face is Daniel smiths piemonite. Love that color. Makes delicious darks combined with blues too. And stays transparent. 

I think I nailed Schiff. 

Most of the red is a grease pencil. SO much fun. Loved them. Got a box of 5-6different  colors on Amazon.  It’s like a crayon on steroids. 

Otherwise the colors are Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus piemonite on their faces for shadows. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo Where’s my Dick Blick 40% off coupon?? Heading that way today. Art store shopping!!  

Day 969 Might be a trend. 

Been working on this today for an online class I am taking. More political art.  I have never made political art in my life til lately. 

Step one. Gluing down some figures  and journaling over them in pencil. Circling some of the words. Then stamping over that. I couldn’t find my stamps so I drew letters. 

Collages layer. 

Scribbling on it with Prismacolor art sticks.
Painting over it with cheap acrylic paint I. Bottles. 

And I added some washi tape. 

Ttyl. Got to clean up the mess I tossed all over the kitchen for some reason.  Stacks of paper scraps glue sticks and my apron to name a few things.  

Ttyl. Collage is fun. Try it. 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 965 141 People in one Week 

Well I made it. Added another another 14 people yesterday when we were at the Standardbred Harness Races yesterday at McGhees Mile Track in Aiken. Starting from the last one draw to the first one drawn at the end of the post. I am going to paint some of these today I think since this is day 7. 

​Flipagram of the sketches. 

All of them are drawn with my Lamy safari in Lexington Grey ink in my Stillman and Birn Alpha. Most were drawn from real life except the 20 or so talking heads. 

In the window at the Mexican cafe on Laurens street in Aiken. 

At the races. I was afraid to shop out my sketchbook after I did this because a certain bird was busy telling people what a great sketched I was. 

Off MSNBC Friday nite. ditto that

Hanging the new Augusta State University logo sign at the Dental School Friday. These guys were working hard. Two guys only but they hardly stood still pushing and shoving the big scaffold that would take them to the top of the four story building. 

More of the two guys. One worked continually nonstop the whole hour or so I was drawing. Pulling and pushin. And backing the truck up. 

Contour drawings because they were moving fast. The angles they got on their bodies were as good as any dancer or yoga as they pushed and shoved the heavy scaffold. 

In line waiting at chic fil a and the dental school check in. 

Too right luck at chic Fil a and a guy waiting to see the dentist at the college. 

A three generation family at chic Fil a  

More tv talking heads. 

My heroine Rachel Maddow. So brilliant. 

Talking heads MSNBC especially like the Bernie Head. 

Lawrence O’Donnell taking heads. Love him too. 

Rachel Maddow and her talking heads 

Panera sketches Tuesday

Panera Tuesday 

Panera Tuesday the rest are at Panera Monday and a few more talking. Heads from MSNBC. 

Heads on Morning Joe. 

As I said will paint some of these. I love having my own coloring book. Total people. Depends on how you count them. 141 if I count all the contour drawings at the Dental College and in the crowd at the races. 


Margaret who has to paint. Xoxoxo

Day 964 100 people in seven days Day SIX

Time to finish up those 100 people. In the meantime there’s always the tv to draw from. 

I am completely absorbed by the unfolding spy whodunnit on Eachel Maddow every nite on MSNBC. I even take notes and draw some of the talking heads or players in this dramatic story. Last nite it was General Flynn who was working for the Turkish government to the tune of $500000 while he was head of our National Security. 

I don’t think Robert Ludlum or John Le Carre could make this stuff up. Just crazy stuff going on. 

And yesterday ALL the holdover Obama attorneys were fired and told to clear out by close of business. Usually they stay to finish up their cases and then leave. Not this time. And Hannity a tv talking head seems to have precipitated it. Hmmm. 

The double page spread. Still have to find one more head to draw. 

Colors used.  Quin coral and gold and burnt orange. Burnt umber and ultramarine and cerulean. A dab of orange. 

Ttyl off to the flat track horse races in Aiken. No nekkid painting today. Going to miss my painting peeps. 

Margaret xoxoxo who hopes it’s not freezing cold out today. 

Day 963 Rachel Maddow!

These sketches brought the total of people drawn for the week to 82 or so. Has been riveting lately. It’s like watching a spy novel written by one of my favorite authors John Le Carre or Robert Ludlum unfolding in real life. 

So why did I write all the notes?! My mind tends to drift when I don’t take notes. It’s rather like a doodle for me. It keeps my attention focused and it helps me remember what’s been said. Truly I think I would be paying attention with or without the note taking BUT I kind of like the way it looks too. 

It’s my writing on my art work taken to the extreme. And you know I do love to write on my artwork. It gives a sort of Susan Shie flavor to it. 

I almost left her without her black jacket and top painted. I took a pic like this in case but decided to paint it and I like it better painted. 

Here’s the sketch.  

And a sketch of her only guest that night US Congressman Eric Swalwell who is also fascinating.  Not to sure how his right cheek got so much darker. Oh well. I guess I could go back and paint the other one but just been too busy. Getting close to the 100 people mark for the week. 

The sketch. These are done in my Stillman and Birn Alpha with a Lamy Safari loaded with Lexington Gray ink. 

Colors used. Quin gold Quin coral Quin burnt orange cerulean burnt umber ultramarine blue. 


Margaret xoxoxo off to do her last ten people.