Palm tree practice

Sat out at the pool house today painting palm trees that I can see.

#1. Grass needs something.

It was 106 with the heat index or I might have painted more.

Number 2. Not a bit better Maybe worse. I was using my perla brush held sideways to do the leaves.Number 3 and my favorite. I used a dagger brush in the palm fronds. And my 10 Charles Reid sable on the trunk.

Number 4 I think.

Like the last two the best. And I like the ground in both. However I could use more palm practice. Lots more.

Trunk cerulean and burnt sienna. Palm – quin gold, cad yellow, cad red, cerulean, ultramarine, burnt sienna and umber.

Paper superaquabee

Same colors in the grass.

Margaret Xoxoxox

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