Day 2090 Chelsea torture

Since I was taking photos for a sick friend I never took one from My view point thinking I had taken enough. But I painted sitting down and took the photos standing up. Argh. Makes a difference.

Chelsea now

Chelsea yesterday evening

Today I have been trying to clean up Chelsea problem areas.

I have lightened her chin and around her mouth a considerable amount. Trying to remove all the greyish areas.

I also worked on her eyes lightening the whites and on her nose and lips. Wiped out a blob of color on her right cheek.

Added pink to her lips to her cheeks nose chin and ear. All places where the blood flows near the skin giving a pink tint.

I am fairly sure she developed a frown by the end because she was justifiably tired after two and half hours of posing. The mouth was the last thing I painted. Thus the frowny mouth.

I took a wet Kleenex and just wet it and dabbed at it to lift color from chin and lip areas. And those ugly dark commas on either side of her mouth. Trying NOT to age her.

About half way thru this I realized I could flip the photo I took to give me a guide to mouth placement and to her eyes.

So I uploaded this photo to photoshop express on my iPad. I poked around on it til I found the flip horizontal button. Presto at least she was almost facing the right way even though the shadows were off. The horizontal flip button is in the crop button menu.

Margaret thinking nap time. Getting to be a theme.

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