Day 644 It’s done

Rhineharts 10×15″ Watercolor on Crescent watercolor board

Done and ready for delivery. I think I gave a sigh of relief Repainting this successfully. You just never know with watercolor if you will mess it up or not. Thank goodness I didn’t.  

  I had to do it over because the original was in my sketchbook and it was drawn across two pages. Would I have cut that one out and sell it to Rhineharts?! Sure would but hard to frame it when it’s in two pieces. 
So a redo was in order. 


Here’s the ink sketch. I actually used pencil first and let it dry a while before I erased it. No ink smears on this one. 

The Rhineharts Masters Week tshirt. A bit darker than the original!

 While it dried I did some last minute shopping before Masters Madness descends full blown on this town.  
I got home about five and it was painted in time to sit down and enjoy Grantchester on Masterpiece Mystery. Really enjoy that show. 
 The shirt on display at the restaurant 
 Back to the painting – it’s painted on crescent watercolor board. Heavy stuff. 
Colors used – Sky cerulean, building Winsor yellow with grey made from cerulean and burnt sienna or yellow ochre. Roof has the same colors with Inathrodone for darks. Trim is marine blue with viridian. Blacks are Inathrodone and burnt sienna or burnt umber. 
Trees are burnt umber and Inathrodone for trunks. Inathrodone, viridian, yellow ochre and green apatite. White gouache for lights. 
Thanks for reading. Get your shirt at Rhineharts. 
Margaret xxx

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